The crypto market showed signs of recovery after a week of volatility, with Bitcoin surpassing $45,000 and Solana reaching $102 again.

Bitcoin benefits from institutional demand and Twitter adoption

Bitcoin, the largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization, has gained about 6% over the past seven days, recovering some of the losses it suffered at the beginning of the year. The digital currency has benefited from demand from institutional investors and increased adoption from companies such as Twitter(X), which has launched a Bitcoin-based tipping service.

Solana grows again and exceeds $100

Solana, a smart contract platform that promises high performance and low costs, saw even stronger growth, rising more than 9% in the same week. The Solana network has attracted the interest of developers and users due to its offering of decentralized applications (dApps) in various industries, such as Play to Earn, finance, and digital art.

Solana overcomes a five-hour outage and proves its resilience

However, not everything was rosy for Solana, which suffered an outage of more than five hours on Tuesday, due to a performance issue. Solana’s technical team fixed the issue with a software update and a reboot of the cluster by validators. Solana’s price experienced a brief correction but recovered quickly, demonstrating the network’s resilience and investor confidence.

The cryptocurrency market remains subject to uncertainties and challenges

However, the cryptocurrency market remains subject to uncertainties and challenges, such as regulation, competition, and security. Experts advise investors to be careful and diversify their portfolios to reduce risks and seize opportunities in this ever-changing sector.

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