Solana’s mainnet is currently down, and technicians are working to fix the issue, the origin of which is still unknown.

This is a rare event, which has not occurred since February 2023, but which has had a negative impact on the price of SOL, which has fallen below $100 with a loss of 5% in the last 24 hours.

Solana: mainnet on tilt

“We are investigating the causes of the mainnet outage,” Solana said in an official statement. The situation is still being analyzed by network technicians and validators, who need to understand what caused the block production to stop and the chain’s performance to degrade.

It is unclear when the mainnet will be operational again. The last time Solana experienced a similar blackout was in September 2021, when the network was out of service for about 18 hours.

Solana: Another Setback

The mainnet outage comes at a crucial time for Solana, which has established itself as one of the leading platforms in the altcoin landscape and a potential challenger to Ethereum, thanks to its speed and affordability.

However, incidents like this are a reminder of the risks and challenges that each solution faces. In the past, the issue has often been highlighted as a sign of network weakness and insecurity, but the fact that outages have become increasingly sporadic gives hope that the ecosystem can overcome these obstacles.

On the other hand, the network had gained the trust of the crypto community, which will now have to be regained.

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