The CROW token, which represents the NIGHT CROWS game, a hyper-realistic world created with Unreal Engine 5, will join the REFLECT Alliance, a network of games that share a common token called REFLECT (RFT).

The announcement was made by WEMIX, the GameFi platform that hosts both REFLECT and NIGHT CROWS.

The IMO (Initial Membership Offering) process

CROW’s membership in the REFLECT Alliance will take place through a process called IMO (Initial Membership Offering), which consists of depositing a certain amount of CROW into the Fusion Center, a mechanism that allows tokens from various games to be exchanged for RFTs. In this way, RFT holders will be able to obtain CROW and vice versa, creating greater integration and promotion of the economies of the different games.

The CROW token will be required for Fusion, i.e. the creation of RFTs, and can be earned by Fission, i.e. the return of game tokens from RFTs. The expected date for CROW’s IMO is March 12, 2024.

NIGHT CROWS, a hyper-realistic game with NFT Character Tokens

NIGHT CROWS is a game that offers different adventures and growth possibilities for the characters with various classes and weapons. The game also features a “Battlefront” mode, which offers an inter-server arena, and a “World Exchange” mode, which merges the economies of different servers. The game also uses the concept of “Tokenomics” and “Character NFTs,” transforming players’ efforts and passions into a new blockchain-based economic ecosystem.

REFLECT, the token that integrates and promotes

REFLECT is an innovative token that aims to integrate and promote the economies of various games within the WEMIX PLAY ecosystem. REFLECT works as a catalyst that influences the trading volume of all tokens of the REFLECT Alliance, implementing a single process of issuing RFTs.

REFLECT emphasizes the importance of the close connection between gaming economies and will serve as the basis for the evolution of the token economy along with the growth of future games.

For more information about the REFLECT Alliance and the CROW token, you can consult the press release and the official website of WEMIXPLAY.

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