In a move that marks a new chapter in the MMORPG games industry, Wemade and MADNGINE have announced the opening of pre-download for their latest creation, NIGHT CROWS.

Starting March 11, users have the option to download the PC and mobile versions in advance through the game’s official website, anticipating the official launch scheduled for March 12 at 1:00 p.m.

An innovative cross-platform MMORPG

NIGHT CROWS stands out for being a cross-platform MMORPG based on Unreal Engine 5, offering a setting and storyline inspired by 13th-century Europe, high-quality graphics, and exciting battles with the use of Gliders.

The game introduces an innovative system of multi-tokenomics and character NFTs, using blockchain technology to overcome the limitations of traditional tokenomics based on a single token.

This system consists of a total of seven multi-use tokens minted with in-game goods and items. The main currency, CROW, can be used to purchase six in-game item tokens or traded on WEMIX PLAY.

Utility tokens minted in-game can be exchanged or burned for CROW and then exchanged for in-game items.

Character NFTs and real-world connections

In addition, character NFTs are minted, which include characters with detailed information such as equipment and abilities. These NFTs can be bought or sold for CROW on WEMIX PLAY, offering a revolutionary experience where the in-game economy is connected to the real world.

Omnichain Network Support

With the omnichain network, Wemade supports WEMIX3.0, Avalanche, BNB, Ethereum, Kroma, Polygon blockchain networks, as well as a Wallet, WEMIX Wallet, and PLAY Wallet, allowing users from other chains to easily enjoy NIGHT CROWS’ advanced tokenomics.

Information and pre-downloads

To find out more about NIGHT CROWS, check out the official WEMIXPLAY page.

You also have the option to pre-download the revolutionary MMORPG available on the Google Play StoreApple App Store and for PC.

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