WEMIX PLAY is a platform that offers a simple and engaging gaming and tokenomics experience, based on blockchain technology. Their new service “Let’s PLAY” is launched today, one of our most innovative initiatives!

“Let’s PLAY” is a channel dedicated to blockchain games, where you can follow WEMIX PLAY ambassadors, real gaming experts, who will show you how to play and earn money with the games integrated into our platform. This service will allow you to easily learn the operation and logic of blockchain games.

Introductory videos of Play to Earn games

WEMIX PLAY’s ambassadors are passionate and competent gamers, who will make you discover and review the most interesting and recent blockchain games.

You’ll be able to preview the games that have just been released or developed by us, and hear their opinions and advice. Each game review video will be customized according to the style and personality of the WEMIX PLAY ambassador who will present it. The review videos of the game will last about 10 minutes and will be available on WEMIX PLAY Games in the Let’s PLAY section.

WEMIX PLAY Ambassadors

WEMIX PLAY ambassadors are professionals and game creators, who will introduce you to WEMIX PLAY games. The ambassadors of WEMIX PLAY, with their experience and creativity, will explain to you how the gameplay and tokenomics of the games work, and will entertain you with their different perspectives. These are the WEMIX PLAY ambassadors participating in our Let’s PLAY launch!

We remind you that the ambassadors of WEMIX PLAY, with their videos, will guide you in the new game of the platform, and give you a preview of what awaits you before its launch on WEMIX PLAY.

To learn more, check out their new service page here.

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