Una Messenger is the new name for PAPYRUS, a decentralized communication platform that uses tokens and NFTs to connect members of the WEMIX ecosystem. A Messenger is part of the WEMIX foundation’s omnichain initiative, which aims to integrate different chains and protocols.

Integration with Wepublic Wallet and DAO

The first step of Una Messenger is the integration with Wepublic Wallet and DAO. This means that DAOs on Wepublic can create and access exclusive communication channels on Una Messenger, using SBT (Soul Bound Token) as an eligibility criterion. This fosters greater interaction between DAO members.

Upgrading from PAPYRUS to Una Messenger

Una Messenger: WEMIX’s omnichain app from PAPYRUS

The upgrade from PAPYRUS to Una Messenger was supposed to take place on February 8. Unfortunately, the launch of Una Messenger has been delayed due to the Google Play Store overhaul, but it will be available as soon as possible. The service will continue to work normally after updating on the Google Play Store or App Store.

Existing channels on the PAPYRUS app will be kept on the new Una Messenger app. Nothing of the previous data will be lost, as there is talk of an update.

Support for various wallets and communication methods

A Messenger supports four types of wallets (one Wallet, WEMIX Wallet, PLAY Wallet, Wepublic Wallet). The platform doesn’t just offer text-based communication, it aims to become an omnichain messenger that supports various communication methods.

For all the details and information, you can read the communication released on wemix.com.

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